Stonewall Fees & Billing Information

To allow patients to make decisions on care, we have provided a summary of each Doctors billing and fees policy.  We hope this is helpful.

Each clinician who works at Stonewall has complete autonomy over how they bill eg bulk billing or privately billing for their services.  With this in mind please be mindful if you see a Doctor other than your usual clinician, the billing policy of the new Doctor will apply.

Should you have further questions, please dont hesitate to speak with our Reception team or your Doctor during your next consultation.

Our Fees

Dr Wendell Rosevear

From 1 July 2020 Dr Rosevear will change his billing to the following:

All patients will be privately billed for their first consultation of each financial year regardless of concession entitlement.

Subsequent visits will be bulk billed for those on one of the concessions below:
• Centrelink Concession card (Health Care or Pension) holder,
• DVA Gold Card holder,
• Full-time students who is a Student ID holder and
• Patients younger than 16 years of age.
This will reset at the start of each financial year. Dr Rosevear’s Fees and Billing Policy is available on our website and on display in our waiting room.

Those without a concession entitlement will be privately billed.

Saturday appointments are privately billed regardless of concession.

Dr Rosevear’s fees for consultations range from $75 – $155 depending on the duration and complexity of the consultation.

Dr Neil Simmons

Page being updated, please check back soon

Dr Graham Neilsen

Dr Neilsen privately bills new patients.


Dr Neilsen is moving to private billing for all existing patients.  This change will take effect from 01/06/2022




Dr Ryan Williams

Page being updated, please check back soon.

Dr Hemming Luu

As of 22/03/2022 Dr Hemming Luu will charge $38 for prescriptions requested out of consultation.

 Dr Luu will not provide repeats on any prescription done outside of consultation.

 Prescriptions for PrEP can only be done with a consultation.

Dr Fabiola Martin

Dr Martin will bulk bill patients for their initial consultation who are eligible for any of the following:
• Centrelink concession card (Health Care or Pension) holder

Billing for subsequent consultations will be disucssed between the patient and Dr Martin during the initial consultation.

Dr Martin’s fees for initial consultations range from $215 – $290 depending on the complexity of the consultation. 

Subsequent consultations range from $130 – $185.


Dr Matthew Barber

Dr Barber privately bills all patients.


Concession Entitled Patients’ Fees

Item Number Consultation Type Fee Medicare Rebate
23 Level B – under 20 mins $65 $39.10
36 Level C – 20-40 mins $90 $75.75
44 Level D – over 40 mins $125 $111.50

Full Fee Patients & Non-Concession Card Holders Fees

Item Number Consultation Type Fee Medicare Rebate
23 Level B – under 20 mins $86 $39.10
36 Level C – 20-40 mins $158 $75.75
44 Level D – over 40 mins $240 $111.50



A Simple, Affordable & Transparent Approach to Health Care

Stonewall is a mixed billing Practice.  This means some clinicians will privately bill while others will bulk bill your consultations.

Regardless of which Doctor you see at Stonewall, if you are privately billed, we are usually able to process your Medicare rebate for you on the spot in most instances.

If you have any questions, please speak with our reception team.