Support Groups

Stonewall is proud to host two support groups per week.

MARS is a support group for males affected by rape and sexual assault.  This group has an intake each quarter for new participants.

GLADS is Gay and Lesbian Alcohol and Drugs Support group facilitated by Dr Wendell Rosevear.  GLADS runs from 7:30pm to 8:30pm each Wednesday night.

Below you will find more infomation about each support group including a link to the respective website.

For Enquiries Call (07) 3857 1222

MARS - Men Affected by Rape & Sexual Assult

The group is open to all adult men 16 years and older who identify with a past history of rape or sexual abuse. The group caters for heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, transgender and men of unresolved sexuality and is held in Brisbane.

A facilitator participates in a safety role and provides support and guidance when necessary.

The group has a resolution focus and aims to provide relief for participants by supporting them to make their own decisions about how to achieve resolution.

The group accepts new participants every three months, usually sometime during January, April, July and October.  As exact start dates vary from year to year, please register via the Expression of Interest form on the MARS Australia website.

Men may also find out more about the group by contacting Dr Rosevear at Stonewall Medical Centre by phoning (07) 3857 1222 or by visiting the MARS Australia website at the link below.

GLADS - Gay & Lesbian Alcohol & Drug Support

 Gay and Lesbian Alcohol and Drugs Support Group (Facilitated by Dr Wendell Rosevear). Run from Stonewall Medical Centre, 7:30pm to 8:30pm each Wednesday night.

People wishing to participate in GLADS are welcome to join any Wednesday night session of their choosing.  Please arrive before 7:30pm and find a chair in the main waiting room of the Medical Centre.  For more information phone 07 3857 1222 or by visiting the GLADS Australia website at the link below.

Download the GLADS brochure here

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