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Referral FAQ

If you would like to see our Sexual Health Physician Dr Graham Neilsen, below you will find some questions and answers we are commonly asked on the topic.

If your question is not listed below, please feel free to give our reception team a call on 07 3857 1222 and they will be only too happy to assist.

General Questions

How do I get a referral

Your regular GP is typically the best person to get a referral from.  They know you the best and will usually have a detailed past medical history for you.

Speak with them about a referral and if they think this would be of benefit.

Commonly referred conditions

Examples of commonly referred conditions include:

  • HIV management and testing.
  • Management of other sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and Hepatitis C.
  • Long-term management of sexual dysfunction.
  • Contraception,
  • Menopause,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Cervical screening,
  • Breast checks,
  • Vaginismus,
  • Vulvodynia
  • Initiation of testosterone PBS Authority prescribing for men with androgen deficiency.
  • Gender-affirming treatment for transgender patients or patients who identify as gender diverse.
Common outcomes sought
  • assess transgender patients;
  • make recommendations for hormone treatment;
  • suggest options for surgical and other support services;
  • and offer a shared-care model with support for GPs.
How can I send my referral to Stonewall

Once you have seen your GP and they have written the referral, ask them to send it to us on your behalf.


This can be done by the GP using a secure and encrypted messaging service called Medical Objects or they can fax it to us on 07 3857 2333.


If you would rather send your referral to us, we accept referrals by email.  Please keep in mind email is not a secure means of communication and you are sending personal health information which can be intercepted.  Stonewall Medical cant be held responsible for emails sent to the wrong email address or that are intercepted after you press send.  Please also note, we do not provide an email consultation service, nor are we able to offer you appointment booking or cancellations, prescription requests or other such queries by email.


All referrals sent by email should be in PDF format only.  Unfortunately pictures of referrals are often not clear enough for us to read. 

Our email address is mail@stonewall.com.au



Do Dr Graham bulk bill

Dr Neilsen privately bills all consultations. Patients with a concession entitlement are offered a discounted fee.


Why do I need a referral to see Dr Graham?

Referrals are used to provide Dr Grahamwith the reason for your consultation.  It will typically have information about your relevant past medical history and any current conditions.

Medicare require a valid referral to allow you to claim a Medicare rebate.

Referral of patients under 18 to see Dr Graham

Patients under the age of 18 are commonly seen at the Queensland Childrens Hospital Gender Service.

Dr Neilsen does not see patients under 18.

Is a referral required to see the GP's at Stonewall

Patients dont need a referral to see our GP’s.  While a brief health summary maybe helpful , this can be requested as part of a patients initial consultation. 

Some of our GP’s have a waiting list and some are not taking new patients.  To check please contact our Reception team on 07 3857 1222.

What happens if I have lost my referral?

Please speak with your referring Practitioner and request the referral be reprinted and signed. 

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