Telehealth (Phone / Video) Consultations during  COVID-19

Stonewall Medical is able to offer telehealth services (phone / video) consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have listed information which helps explain how telehealth works below.

General Questions

Telehealth - What is it?

Telehealth consultations allow all Australians to access essential health services in their home while they undergo self-isolation or quarantine, and reduce the risk of exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19) for the community.

Telehealth consultations are when the Doctor conducts your consultation either over the phone or via a video call.  Telehealth services are available to all Australians with a Medicare card.  Concession card holders will be bulk-billed for all telehealth consultations.

Telehealth services help protect frontline doctors, nurses and mental health providers, as well as patients, from unnecessary exposure to risk of infection.

How do I use telehealth with Stonewall?

Your Doctor will either call you on your preferred telephone number or will send you an SMS or email invite to an encrypted video consultation.  Please follow the link on your computer, tablet or phone.  The video consultation requires the following:

A good internet connection

A quiet room where you can speak to your Doctor

Privacy so you dont feel pressured when speaking with the Doctor

I booked my telehealth appointment, what now?

Your Doctor will aim to call you around the time of your appointment.  Like with regular face to face consultations, the Doctor may be held up.  Please dont worry if your Doctor does not call you exactly at the appointment time.  They will contact you when they are able and give you the time you require.

Tele - Health and Tele - Sexual Health... whats the difference?

Tele – Health consultations are for matters you need to discuss with your GP.  These consultations can be by either phone or video if video is unavailable.

Tele – Sexual Health consultations are for matters you need to discuss with one of our Sexual Health Physicians.  These consultations are only available via video and usually require you to have a referral from a GP.  Check out further info on our Tele-Sexual Health page here.

Further info

Information on how to connect and what to expect is attached in the PDF below.


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