FAST STI Testing

Fast Access Sexual Testing or FAST is a Doctor lead STI testing service provided by the team at Stonewall.  Its held on a Thursday evening from 5pm until late.  It was formed to help meet a need for patients wanting easy and convenient access to STI testing.  The FAST STI Testing clinic is dedicated exclusively to STIs and is bulk billed for everyone with a current Medicare card.

FAST is able to offer pathology collection on site during your consultation.  Results are usually available over the next few days.  We are seeing some delays with results currently due to the high volume of COVID-19 testing occurring.

We see many patients and respect some people come to us just for STI testing while seeing their regular GP for other medical matters.   Stonewall offers a safe space that values the privacy and choice of all who attend. 

Due to an ever increasing demand for our FAST clinic, appointments are now required.  You can book by calling our Reception team on 07 3857 1222, booking via our website or on the HotDoc app, search for FAST.

Stonewall has offered care for the LGBTQI+ and broader community of Brisbane since 1995.  All patients are welcome regardless of gender, sexual orientation or sexual preference.

General Questions

When is FAST?

FAST STI Testing runs Thursday evenings from 5pm at Stonewall Medical Centre. Bookings are able to be made via our booking page and on via the HotDoc app. Please book early as we get very busy on the night.

When you arrive, check in with our Reception team, we will advise you how many people are ahead of you and if there is a wait.

Our Reception team will send you the FAST registration form by SMS ahead of your appointment.  Please fill it in prior to your arrival.  Paper forms are available when you check in if you prefer however this may result in delays in getting in to see the Doctor.

I am straight, hetero, bi, can I still get an STI check at Stonewall?
Of course!

Regardless of how you identify, we welcome everyone to get tested regularly.

Do you see Sex Workers and can we get a Sexual Health Certificate?
How regularly should I have a sexual health check?
It varies from person to person.

Depending on the frequency, type of sex, and number of sexual partners you have will mean different testing time frames.

Some patients are tested monthly while others every 12 months. The most common frequency of testing is every 3 months for our patients.

Your Doctor can guide you on the frequency of STI testing for your situation. The final decision is always your choice.

Sexual health check, what’s involved?
An STI screening at Stonewall will vary from patient to patient. A few factors will be considered for your STI screen. The amount of sex, frequency and type of sex will be part of the discussion.

Our STI screening may include some or all the following:

– swabs of the throat and rectum

– urine sample &

– blood sample

We respect your right to privacy and choice and want you to feel comfortable.

You have the final say on all the following:

– what ways we collect samples

– what parts of your body samples are collected from

– if a physical examination is required or not

Stonewall is a sex positive environment and you should not feel worried about discussing all things sex with your Doctor.

Once I have had a sexual health check, when will I get my results?
Depending on what tests are done will determine how long before you have results. Some tests come back the next day while others can take up to a week.

Speak with your Doctor during your consult and they will give you the expected time frame for your results to be available.

Sometimes you can call our reception team and they will give you your results over the phone. Other times we may call you to discuss your result.

Anonymous testing or using a fake name
Stonewall respects the privacy of all who attend the Practice.

With that in mind some patients prefer to be tested under a pseudonym (fake name) or anonymously.

We are happy to work with everyone when it comes to individual needs within the limits of the law. For instance, we cannot bulk bill your STI testing to Medicare if you do not provide your Medicare details.

If you are wanting to have your testing done anonymously, we will discuss the testing costs prior to sending your samples to the pathology lab.

Your STI results will not be released to anyone without your prior consent. This is regardless of if you use a pseudonym or not.

A fuckbuddy has told me they have an STI, what should I do?
Come to see a Doctor at FAST or make an appointment with your Doctor and get tested. This is the only way to know for sure if you have it too.
Will you tell my partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, wife, husband if I am diagnosed with an STI?
No. If you have recently been diagnosed with an STI, contact tracing involves contacting your previous sexual partners who may have been exposed or exposed you to an STI.

Contact tracing is important to help stop the spread of STIs. Stonewall offers a safe space that values the privacy and choice of all who attend.

Contact tracing can be done in several ways. Some people choose to contact partners directly. Others choose to use an online contact tracing service that can send the partner an SMS or email.

If you feel uncomfortable contact tracing, speak with your Doctor or our Practice Nurse as they may be able to do it for you.

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